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Introducing our Dora Maar capsule, in collaboration with Jesse Feinman
Maar is primarily known for her nine year affair with Pablo Picasso and friendships with leading figures such as Jean Cocteau, Man Ray and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Less is said about her 60 year career as a cutting edge contemporary artist.
Based in Virginia, U.S.A, artist Feinman is fascinated by human form, ambiguity and connection. He strives to showcase these themes, recontextualising existing iconography, typefaces, and other ephemera. Feinman’s experimental approach lends itself to Maar’s creative legacy within the Surrealist movement. 
Challenging Maar’s limited reputation as Picasso’s Weeping Woman, this capsule brings the artist into perspective away from history’s abrasive male gaze, studying her as an icon in her own right. Far from an accompanying body to the Surrealist movement, Maar paved the way. Her provocative photomontages have become its celebrated markers, her surrealist imaginings dealing with the absurdity and the psychology of spaces, both interior and exterior. 

Working across media, Maar created figurative photographs, Surrealist montages, and in the wake of the traumatic end of her relationship with Pablo Picasso, painterly depictions. Undoubtedly playing a key role in the development of Picasso’s work and bringing him into the  Surrealist circle of 1930s Paris, Maar also inspired an obsession of continuously painting portrait after portrait of her face. 
SCRT’s exclusive Dora Maar capsule not only pays tribute to her overlooked legacy, but comments on the foreshadowing of her own career by her male contemporaries and the image of her which Picasso controlled. It questions the shamelessness of stealing and getting away with it…