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As a brand, SCRT has always been about creativity, and supporting creatives in all forms.


As a British brand, we have undoubtedly benefited from the positive aspects of British culture and heritage. But that does not address that we, like many, have benefitted from the historical subjugation of others.
We should each be standing together to show that we demand more from humanity.
Silence is complicity, and unless we all stand against the systemic racism within our society, the cycle will continue to harm everyone.
We gotta make a change.
For the next 24 hours we’ll be taking pre-sale orders for a limited t-shirt, for which all proceeds will be going to Access UK – an organisation that helps youth in black and minority groups start careers and leave unemployment.
As of June 2020, SCRT will be showcasing at least one BAME artist per collection.
If ever you think we can be doing more, we welcome your comments.
Stay Together. Stay Creative.