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Our latest release on the 1999 cult classic Fight Club is now available on the webstore



Having earned its cult status highlighting the inadequacies of mainstream modern culture, Tyler Durden’s nihilistic criticisms of what society advertises, and what it fails to deliver, still endures two decades later. 




For this release, we have again collaborated with Izzie Hill and Max Guther, producing a capsule that explores the cult classic’s prophetic theme of a revolution of consciousness, reacting to the destructive forces of disinformation and consumer culture.



Izzie Hill’s illustrative approach encapsulates the blurring, insomniac distraction of postmodern life.  Her half-toned monochromes, coupled with frenetic, scribbled strokes, reflect the narrator’s inner monologue.


With insomnia, nothing’s real.


Max Guther’s hyperrealist renderings focus on two core elements within the film, representing the narrator’s warring nature of self-distraction and self-destruction, commenting again on the film’s central message. The penguin represents the narrator's desire to stop curating his material reality with superficial distractions and just let go. Alternatively, the iconic pink soap bar demonstrates both the gluttony the film rallies against, and ultimately the method for the desired cultural revolution.



Additional pieces will drop throughout AW19, the first capsule is available below: