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This Unearthly Capsule

Our latest release in collaboration with Francisco Marques, and inspired by Hieronymus Bosch is now available on our webstore and select independent retailers. 

Over 500 years since Hieronymus Bosch painted his iconic scenes of freakish riddles, most notably his heaven and hellscapes in The Garden of Earthly Delights, SCRT collaborates with Artist Francisco Marques to release a collection that embodies the anarchic and hedonistic themes inherent in Bosch’s work.

As elusive as his art, the inspiration behind Bosch’s satanic depictions remains a mystery. Generally described as warnings against lust and the transience of worldly pleasure, Bosch’s art exhibits the conflict between man’s selfish desire for sensory pleasure and the need for a moral authority to prevent humanity from self-annihilation. With the threat of an uncertain future on the horizon, these depictions are uncanny.

Francisco Marques’ style of etched sketches explore cadences of light and textures of darkness, lending itself to the gothicism of Bosch’s hellscapes. Drawing on themes of the underworld and the darkness that lies within us and beneath us, Marques illustrates depictions of the soul as demonic and devilish. 

In This Unearthly Capsule, Marques’ detailed work draws on Bosch’s macabre absurdity, taking the form of all-over-print hoods, cotton work suits, and t-shirts.