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Released in 2003, Park Chan-Wooks visceral, break-through hit Oldboy hit audiences like a hammer. It's is a haunting-masterpiece that stays with you long after the credits roll.


As the second instalment in Chan-Wooks "Vengeance" trilogy, the grotesquely-comedic Oldboy tears through the confinements of its genre and is just one of South Koreas many great cinematic achievements.


It's vicious violence is just as much of a shock as the heart-wrenching storyline is - which keeps you gripped around every twist and turn. The whole experience is further enhanced when matched with Chan-Wooks signature grungey cinematography that combines arthouse, mainstream and cult direction.


Our SS18 release includes original illustrations by long time collaborator Izzie Hill. Izzie's use of line and movement captures the film's raw energy, alongside core messages from the film.