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A collection of Works Illustrative of The Dance of Death


Drop 5 of Left Behind introduces the eternal Dance of Death to the collection.
SCRT have always been fascinated by strange happenings in art and media. During the creation of Left Behind we were immediately drawn to the Danse Macabre, the medieval allegorical concept of the power and universality of Death.
The Danse Macabre remains as a captivating mirror to the spirit of the medieval age. Used as a reminder for those living through the horrors of plague, famine, and war that no matter your power or position in life,
Death comes for us all.
 Unlike other traditional depictions of death, the Danse Macabre visualised Death as a joyful and jolly figure - dancing, jumping, singing, and playing chess... presenting an uncomfortable familiarity.
The capsule includes four Danse Macabre styles, designed to pay homage to the medieval re-imagination of Death that created the imagery we associate with it today. We also continue our referencing of Marshal McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage with our ‘Circuit’ design, likening the Medieval apprehension of an uncertain future to our own, as we ask ourselves if machine technology is indeed enhancing our society whilst making us more useless to it.