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Praise be the METEOR

Our latest release examines the mysterious events surrounding the Clune Park Meteor - a cataclysmic event that left the townspeople of the small Scottish estate in a state of fever and madness back in 1986. For SS22 we present a capsule in collaboration with the Clune Park Meteoric's Society, both to commemorate and shine a new light on the strange events that took place in the small village. Containing new printwear, Cuban shirts and accessories, the capsule is full of souvenirs and memorabilia from the mysterious town of Clune Park. To learn more, check out an excerpt from the Praise be the Meteor Zine below -

"It's exactly 3 years to the day since Clune Park was blessed by the Meteor. About fifteen minutes before 9pm, on June 1st, 1986, the people of Clune Park were startled by a loud noise, the skies lit up and the residents were witness to divine intervention from above. The meteor had arrived. In all, 12 distinct detonations were heard. The cause of these sounds was the falling of a large number of sacred alchemy stones upon an area about 10 miles l by 3 miles wide."

This is just the first drop from Clune Park Meteoric's Society - stay tuned, praise the meteor and check out the zine for more.