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Art Comp Winners Capsule 2023

The SCRT Art Comp Winners Capsule 2023 is here. A huge thanks again to everyone who entered this year's competition, it wasn't easy choosing only 2 winners. Inspired by Midsommar (2019) and Dark City (1998)

Make sure to go follow the winners @en.florin & @zakriative


Hey Zak, congrats on winning this years art comp. Tell us a little about yourself.

Thanks guys! My name is Zakri Williams, i'm a British Illustrator & graphic designer. With a background mostly in Illustration, apparel design and cover art. 



Talk us through your submission!

My piece consisted of a series of illustrative collages themed around the 2019 film Midsommar. 


We love Midsommar. Anything that you partially like about the film?

I chose the film as the main theme for the work as it has many striking and triggering moments. One scene I remember is when the lead character Dani goes up to one of the barns after being warned not to and peaks through a gap in the door. It doesn't show you what's going on behind the door. But it's sooo horrifying she screams from the sight of it and is sick. It's this level of intense mystery and sudden unexpected plot bursts along with beautiful scenes like the ending scene where the temple is set a blaze and Dani smiles at the sight of it, crowned in her mesmerising, giant floral tiara. (which I just had to draw!)


Are there any artists that inspire you?

It's different for different mediums. When it comes to drawing - Anton Vill from Estonia. He literally made me want to pick up the pen/pencil and draw. 

Brian Donnelly (Kaws) - inspired me to develop and manipulate brands and character design 

Recently I discovered Stephen Biesty : His diagrams and illustrations serve so many amazing purposes and I love how detailed he goes. 

Designers who inspired: Recently discovered Joe Baker. Some of his graphics are too nice! 

Upper Playground inspired me years ago to get into art on clothing. 


Where do you see yourself in the future?

I want to pick up my brand concept off the ground. Years ago I made a brand called Visual Major and a collection called Kamoflaws. Every design of Kamoflaws is an optical illusion, a double image depicting various spiritual and political themes. I then expanded that to surrealism. Continue drawing and Illustrating for clients. Most likely musicians. I designed a few small music project covers. r&b singer Mahalia was one, back in 2015 but she was starting out. 

All time favourite film/album?

Very hard to answer this. Films: Woman King (2022), The Revenant (2015) was also dope. Favourite Albums... there's too many to narrow down but here's some that come to mind: Unkle - Never Never Land (2003) Fugees, - The Score (1996) Burial - Untrue (2007) Hiatus Kaiyote - Choose Your Weapon (2015) Jeff Buckley - Grace (1994) Children of Zeus - Travel Light (2018)


Finally, any other artists/designers we should know about?

Crank Illustration, Redmer Hoekstra, Heypatyeah, Joe Baker and Kamoflaws of course.

Thanks Zak!